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I’m Chiana (She-on-ah) Cassidy, a designer based in Tampa, Florida focused on website, branding, and marketing design. I’ve had the opportunity to work on creative teams with a wide range of needs and have gained experience in many areas of design. My favorite part of what I do is all the problem solving required and being able to take a client's business to that next level with branding and functionality. For more detail on my experience, check out my resume page.

Outside of work I like to give myself even more projects like baking that new cheesecake recipe I saw, making my own budget version of home decor, or much to my husband's surprise finding a new color to paint in the house. I love taking our dog, Auggie, on adventures to the park or cozying up to build a new house in The Sims.

Design Fun Fact: To me, there is nothing better than a clever design where you see more the longer you look and I try to incorporate this into my designs when possible. Everything is in the details.

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